Should I Put Sunscreen on My Kid Every Day?

Hey there, parent! You care about your kiddo’s skin and want to shield them from the sun, but do they need sunscreen every single day? Let’s chat about whether your child really needs sunscreen every day.

What’s Sunscreen for Kids?

Think of sunscreen like a superhero shield for your child’s skin against the sun’s rays. It’s meant to keep them safe from sunburns, skin damage, and maybe even skin problems later in life.

Do Kids Need Sunscreen Every Day?

Here’s the scoop:

  1. Time Outside:
  • If your kiddo spends lots of time outside, especially when the sun is strongest (between 10 AM and 4 PM), slather on that sunscreen daily.
  1. Playing Outside:
  • When your child’s playing outside, especially on sunny days, sunscreen is a good idea to keep them protected.
  1. Sun Strength:
  • Check how strong the sun is. If it’s really strong (you can check this on the news or online), sunscreen becomes extra important.
  1. Other Ways to Stay Safe:
  • Sometimes, wearing special clothes, hats, and finding shade can keep your kid safe without using sunscreen every single day.
  1. Sensitive Skin:
  • If your child’s skin is super sensitive, they might need sunscreen every day, even if they’re out in the sun for a little while.

Why Using Sunscreen Is Good

  1. No Sunburns:
  • Sunscreen helps stop those nasty sunburns that can make your kid feel really ouchie.
  1. Keeps Skin Safe:
  • It’s like a protective shield, guarding your child’s skin from getting hurt by the sun.
  1. Builds Good Habits:
  • Getting into the habit of using sunscreen helps your child learn how to take care of their skin, which is super important.

Tips for Using Sunscreen on Kids

  1. Get the Right Kind:
  • Choose sunscreen that says “broad-spectrum” and has SPF 30 or more, suitable for your kiddo’s skin.
  1. Apply the Right Way:
  • Put sunscreen on all over their skin about 15 to 30 minutes before they go outside.
  1. Reapply When Needed:
  • If your child is swimming or sweating, put more sunscreen on every two hours or sooner.
  1. Find Shade:
  • Encourage them to play in spots that aren’t in direct sun, especially when the sun’s super strong.
  1. Cool Clothes:
  • Dress your kid in clothes that cover them up, like hats and sunglasses, for extra sun protection.

Conclusion: Finding the Balance

While using sunscreen every day can be helpful, it’s okay to find a middle ground. Check how much time your kid spends in the sun and pick the best way to protect their skin. Using other sun safety tricks along with sunscreen helps keep their skin happy and healthy without using too much sunscreen all the time.

Making sure your child’s skin stays safe from the sun is important, but using sunscreen every single day might not always be needed. Balancing their sun time and using other ways to stay safe outside can keep them protected without putting on sunscreen all the time.


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